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Fashion Jewellery , Bead jewellery
Fashion Jewellery people is hard-working, multi role, and talent people, want to take a place in this business, you should be fashionable, patient, carefulness, unique, whatever if you are a designer or an owner of your company. It is more like a gift that you can work in this area. People all see you are fashion, elegant, like a halo, shine like a diamond, but all the be hide this is thousands of fashion magazines, plenty of researching, sometimes your footprints are all over every fashion countries and cities. Even in dream you also in making the jewellery or designing in your new collections. Isn’t it depressed sometimes? Don’t get me wrong, you’re just doing a small business with a very low profit there, sometime you can lose all in a collection you can’t sell, if you have a good suppliers you might relax a little. However no one knows what your customers need indeed, only you. But not easy to find one can make up what you want and delivery you good quality with a competitive price?Being in this business 7 years, we do feel deeply that this business is not easy at all, it is a small round, we can see each other in the show, know each other every time, see them go up and shut down. To help our customers get an easy life, we set up a factory which can provide every possibility to design your own collection, and make up to the mass, we call it DO IT YOURSELF(DIY) with multi material, different plaiting(Italian gold, rose gold, rhodium, gun metal,anti-silver, anti-gold, matt finishing, color plaiting like LV,ect.),plenty color beads(more than 1000 colors),lovely color chat, professional technology people, good mould makers, tassel-free service, flexible production time, competitive price, endless potential, these are what we can offer and why can be in the business so long and stable. What we want is to help customer life easier and stop the buttons in our factory, we don’t afraid problems and headaches, we afraid you get headaches. Still problems? Come to us, we make your collection come true, and make you life more easier for you, as we know how hard is it. And we are ready to share your headaches and support you at anytime in this business, our principle is Design With Your Love and Manufacture With Our Heart! so what are you waiting for, come to keep long, let’s Keep Long Forever!
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  • CHINA - Guangzhou