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Celebrating its 25th anniversary, American athletic headwear retailer, Lids, announces a new partnership with Trevor Bauer. A Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Pitcher and National League (NL) Cy Young Award Winner, Bauer is Lids’ first MLB brand ambassador.

“As I’ve become more invested in design and branding in recent years, the opportunity to collaborate with such an iconic retailer, especially as its first MLB athlete partner, is really meaningful,” Bauer said in a statement.

For the “Trevor Bauer x Lids” collaboration, several limited-edition custom hats, T-shirts and customisation options will be unveiled worldwide, according to the company.


Source: Lids (Patrick Query)

Images courtesy of Lids

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LeSportsac and Sesame Workshop launched colourful bags through their latest partnership, “LeSportsac x Sesame Street.”

Featuring motifs inspired by nine world-renowned Sesame Street characters, the collections cover five functional bag styles, namely Sesame Neighbors, Sesame Park, Packable Series, Sherpa Series and Special Style.


The LeSportsac x Sesame Street collection has been launched in Japan and is available in-store and online at from 4 November.


Source: License Global and LeSportsac

Images courtesy of LeSportsac

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Mexico’s Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez made a splash in the fashion world with the launch of Desserto, a vegan leather made from cacti.

Launched in Milan in October 2019, the brand has since nabbed a number of awards, including Germany’s Green Product Award 2020, the international sustainable award at Monte-Carlo Fashion Week 2020 and Australia’s Good Design Award 2020.


According to the company, Desserto is a highly sustainable plant-based vegan leather that is soft to the touch, and may be used in handbag, footwear and apparel production.


Source: Desserto

Images courtesy of Desserto

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Stainless steel jewellery maker Guangzhou Yazhiqi Jewellery Co Ltd is highlighting clean lines, sleek details and urban elegance in its latest collection, Yazky.



One of China’s leading producers of fashion jewellery using 316 stainless steel – the material popularly used in jewellery-making – Guangzhou Yazhiqi has a design team that conceptualises and curates stylish collections for clients to choose from. The company also has its own manufacturing facility to optimise production levels, resulting in more competitive pricing for customers, and a Quality Control group to maintain the desired level of excellence.



Guangzhou Yazhiqi’s key customers are wholesalers and retailers looking for products that could give them a sales and marketing edge. The stainless steel jewellery specialist regularly participates in international fairs and exports its collections to Europe, North America and other markets.

Photo credit:Guangzhou Yazhiqi Jewellery Co Ltd

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High-street fashion label H&M recently announced its collaboration with The Vampire’s Wife, a cult fashion brand. A fashion insider’s favourite, The Vampire’s Wife is famous for its flattering silhouettes, glamourous details and unbridled celebration of women and the female form.



“With this collaboration, H&M and The Vampire’s Wife want to show our customers that fashion can, and should, empower and inspire women to feel like the best version of themselves. We’ve long been inspired by Susie’s energy and brand values and we’re thrilled to be doing this undoubtedly very special collection together,” says Maria Östblom, Head of Design Womenswear at H&M.

Statement pieces in this collection included a lace mystique mini-dress with the brand’s signature shoulders and a velvety mini-dress with a romantic silvery lace cape. All garments were made from sustainably sourced materials.


Sources: H&M

Photo credit: H&M

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