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AFJA Review is a business from the Jewellery Group of UBM Asia Ltd.  AFJA Review is published in March and September each year.  This publication will be completely different from the catalogue style of magazines that are currently available. It aims to report the latest developments and design trends of this fashion jewellery and accessories industry. It will be a must-read publication for industry professionals worldwide for sourcing new products and updating market information.

Latest 3 issues highlights:

  Spring 2017 Issue 34
  • Jewellery as Wearable Art
  Autumn 2016 Issue 33
  • New Season New Looks
  Spring 2016 Issue 32
  • Ten years of fashion and style



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Riding on the debut of the success of Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair, UBM Asia dedicates its commitment to the fashion jewellery & accessories industry by launching its professional trade publication - Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Review. UBM confirms the need for a real trade publication in Asia to serve this growing industry and this publication is aimed at reporting the latest developments and design trends of this fashion industry.

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